True Game has an outstanding portfolio of established relationships and enjoys a reputation in the industry as a thoughtful and valued investor.
Making the right choice

Management and operations experience is essential to providing guidance to business owners, from tactical advice to setting long-term strategic goals.

What our team offers:

Over 60 years of experience as executives managing successful companies and government entities.

Industry Knowledge
Market dynamics, business and technological challenges are often industry specific. Understanding these issues is critical to the success of a growing company.

Benefits offered by True Game:

Significant operating and investment experience in each of our target industries.





Security Associates develops middleware compliance/security

True Game International is the Bay Area's leading International Trade & Corporate Development firm.

True Game Technologies Funds
invests in business application software companies.

True Game Real Estate Funds invests in commercial real estate projects.

Building long-term company value

True Game offers an ideal environment in which to grow early-stage information technology companies and small businesses. Our team has a deep and talented pool of executives, committed investment community, established academic and corporate technology leaders, and quality professional services firms. True Game augments this environment with our comprehensive business building capabilities and relationships to provide our portfolio companies with a competitive edge to create and capture value.


Making the Best Use of our Industry Knowledge

True Game believes that empowering clients to deploy superior business tactics is an essential indicator for selecting valuable information technologies. Technologyand business soltions that enables Small & Medium Business (SMB) and mid market company users our portfolio companies' target clients to implement their business tactics efficiently and helps them meet their strategic imperatives has certainly great value. This kind of value translates into growing revenues for our portfolio companies, and capital appreciation for their shareholders. This is all about generating high tangible benefit/cost ratios in a given market segment.